Old Man

The “Old Man” is an application of Pendulum’s proprietary facial mocap re-targeting system, Alter Ego. I was in charge of the application of Alter Ego to the head and the standard rigging aspects of the eye, tongue, jaw, and skin jiggle.

Model and blendshapes: Patrick Switzer

Shading and Lighting: Tyler Esselstrom, Michael McCormick


Sticky Lips

The sticky lip deformer system can stick the lips together regardless of the mouth's expression. Most setups of this type only stick a few edge loops without fall off. This setup can dynamically change the fall off to include more or less edge rings around the mouth.


Cornea Push

This is a non-simulated deformer-based collision of the cornea with the surrounding skin. The problem with a typical collision system is that it is difficult to create the effect of skin thickness and underlying tissue. This setup accomplishes the effect through a setup of layered deformers.



Sticky Bilateral Controls

These controls can drive deformers such as blendshapes or joints and stick to the surface that is being deformed.  The evaluation cycle or double transformations that usually occur in this type of setup is bypassed by a node network that subtracts the literal control position from the “sticky” surface position of the control.



Lip Slide

Lip sliding movements that are difficult to do with blendshapes are easy with this type of control.


Squash and Stretch

Volume preservation is vital in squash and stretch. I take great care in making sure it is believable. The deformers are driven by curve lengths on spline IK solvers and distance calculations for typical IK solvers. The Elastik solver, written by Michael Hutchinson, was used in these examples.

Monkey Animation: Jeremy Chapman

Monkey Model: Bryn Morrow




The dragon is an easy-to-use biped rig with layered IK/FK controls that require no blending from one mode to the other.

Model: Gina Adamova




The truck rig includes the ability to react to a ground surface, fast tire volume controls, and an easy to manipulate suspension.

Model: Reed Casey



Vert Lock

Vert locking is useful for modeling a surface where parts need to remain static, yet allowing un-inhibited modeling of the rest of the continuous surface. A smooth fall off around this locked area allows for greater control.





Real-time stabilization

Facial motion capture from a full body performance typically needs to be stabilized to remove all body movement. This method uses only constraints and can be visualized in real-time and quickly adjusted.


The Death Adder transformation from a human to a snake was a unique rigging task. All the mesh pieces were broken apart and rigged to be animated separately. The entire arm’s size could be manipulated easily by the animator.

Model: Patrick Switzer

Cloth Tearing Effect: Matt Chapman